Desantis nemesis + TCP = NOGO
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    Desantis nemesis + TCP = NOGO

    Ahh why!!! I just got a nemesis pocket holster and it doesn't work. The slide release catches on the inside seam and pulls the holster out. Back to academy it goes. I'll just end up making my own leather wallet holster this weekend.

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    I have a DeSantis Superfly G3 for my TCP, I can recommend it.

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    I second the superfly. Holds to the pocket much better.
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    My TCP resides nicely in a $10.00 gun show special Ace Case. Stays where I put it and works for me.
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    I made this holster many years ago and it was one of the first that I made as they are the easiest holster to make.

    I can give you some things I found out making these:

    1. Flat side goes to the outside to break up the outline (mine looks like a cell phone in my pocket and yes, I am a lefty).
    2. The paddle, or hook, is used to catch the edge of your pocket on drawing to pull the holster off. You will need to practice this. You can use your trigger finger to partially push the holster off before you draw.
    3. Sometimes that holster won't come off during the draw, so make sure you can fire it still in the holster and that firing throws the holster off.
    4. If you cover that slide release, it will cut a hole in your holster quickly.
    5. NEVER carry anything else in the pocket with your pistol.
    6. I cover my rear sights as it is just another snag if I don't.
    7. I noticed absolutely no difference if I made these rough side out, or not.

    Start with a paper template to layout the shape of your leather. I wrap my pistol in SaranWrap and make a wood cutout around the trigger guard to clamp the wet leather to a flat surface (usually another board) over the pistol. You will need to make sure that the wood cutout is not thicker than the pistol. Then take a piece of closed cell foam, like from a Wally World Yoga mat, lay it over the top of the pistol and clamp another piece of wood over it. This will make the wet leather shape itself to the pistol. Just let everything dry. You can glue, rivet or sew the holster together after it is formed. I use a heated combination of wax, mink oil, and whatever dye I want to use, that I dip the whole holster into. Pull the holster out wipe it off and let it sit until it hardens. This will make the holster water proof, slick, the color you want, and it will never change shape on you. It is something I learned when making knife sheaths.

    The first one I made I accidentally made it right handed. I gave it to a right handed friend of mine and it fit his Ruger TCP perfectly. Last time I talked to him he said he still carries that TCP in it.
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