40 s&w 165 gr cast bullets.
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    40 s&w 165 gr cast bullets.

    I have a Lee 6-cavity mold that casts a 175 lead tc bullet for my 2 .40 cals. For a while now I have wanted a lighter bullet for these guns, something in the neighborhood of 165 grains. After some research I learned that others have milled the bevel base off of this mold to make a 165 grainer. Since I don't have access to a mill I did it the old-fashioned way.I used my formica work bench top (or a sheet of glass)with some 150 grit sticky-back emery paper.
    I left all 6 cavities filled with lead and removed all handles, screws and bolts from the mold blocks. I then placed a c-clamp on sides of mold to hold it all together. The grinding down process consists of working the mold plates in a back n forth motion followed by a circular motion. Sand for a while and then weigh each bullet. Its a fairly slow process but the results are encouraging. Make sure to go slow and keep the mold surfaces flat. Not finished yet but so far bullets weigh 166.3 with a 2/10ths variation. Getting close to my target weight. If bullets weigh more on one end of the mold use a back forth motion with a little more forward pressure on the heavy end. Easy does it. Cannot wait to cast with this mold when finished.
    Will try to post pics if anyone else is interested. Good shooting-Bruce H
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    That is a great idea. Looking forward to how it cast and shoots. What at great way tune the mould to meet your needs.
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