convince me to buy a 709
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Thread: convince me to buy a 709

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    convince me to buy a 709

    Want to weigh in on this from my past and current experience. Don't know what goes on in Miami but the service leaves a lot to be desired. I purchased a PT-709 slim and it has been in for repair longer than I have had an opportunity to shoot it. Didn't realize that there is a possible design flaw(of which Taurus won't admit to) regarding the extractor this model. They have had mygun now a total of 6 1/2 weeks (on my second return at present). After the first return, the info sent back with the gun stated that they replaced the extractor. Same problem as original. Now I can't get it back. They won't admit to anything, even stating the gun wasen't even received till this past week, which I know is a croc because the gun store owner, where I purchased, got a confirmation of receipt the week of the 18th of March.

    Would think twice before this decision. Thank God I have my .40 cal S&W M&P compact. Wouldn't want my life to be dependant carrying the "slim" for personal protection.

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    I also own a PT709 Slim, with over 500 rounds through it, in less than a month. I have had zero problems with the gun. That includes use with +P and +P+ ammunition. Many other owners of the same guns have the same record. If there is a "possible design flaw", why hasn't anyone else reported it? If it hasn't been noted, why would Taurus admit to it? Are you a gunsmith with a background in design?

    March the 18th was a Sunday. The week of March 18th ran all the way to the 24th. So, they have had the gun approximately three weeks. My experience with other manufacturers, to include Sig, HK, and S&W, is that repairs typically run around 6 weeks. At that point you get the gun back, fixed or, all too often, not.

    It is a good thing that you have more than one gun for carry. After all, if you have to actually use it, the police will own it until the investigation is done. Those who only have one, are left unarmed. In today's world, angry relatives, other gang members, or even friends of the accused, may come to visit.

    I use a performance based criterion for CCW guns. Repaired or totally new, if it passes the 300 round mark, I carry it. Otherwise, It would be very hard to carry anything. Great guns age with use, and can become unreliable until repaired. If that were my criterion, to never trust a repaired gun, there would be plenty of guns sitting in the vault, but not available to me. I find it inexplicable that people will send back a S&W, Kimber, Sig, or HK for warranty, and place it in service afterwards without a second thought, but will forever distrust another brand.

    Wait for the repair to be accomplished, shoot the gun in for your personal break-in, and see what it does. Good luck,
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    So sorry for your difficulty. Hope they get it right and you're happy with your 709. I have a 740 and 738 and both have been 100% through over a thousand rounds each, and I carry both regularly.
    I'm a hard-working self-employed conservative Christian white male gun owner. How else can I tick you off today?

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    My 709 has about 300-400 rds without one hiccup and the only problem I've had is the low/left and is on the way back to Taurus to see if they can correct (posted in another thread in this 700 forum). She does eject, on rare occasion, that hits the top of my head and one instance on bridge of my nose. My new 740 only has 100 rds. thru it, again without one hiccup and does not have the low/left problem and hasn't yet thrown any ejects at me. I trust both weapons and have no buyers remorse. If the 709 had been a big disappointment, I wouldn't have the 740. Both have, to date, been reliable on the range as to operation and function and I would expect no less in the field. Granted, I've not owned another brand of small frame (although looking at the new S&W MP Slim) to compare.
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