TCP 738 Ammo - Does grain matter?
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    TCP 738 Ammo - Does grain matter?

    Sorry for the trivial question (and / or redudant but could not find the answer in a search). I have put 50 rounds through my TCP 738 of good ole wal-mart Federal 95 Grain FMJ .380 ammo - so far so good. The user manual shows a chart with 95 Grain only listed, but, do I have to stick with 95 Grain or does the grain matter? I see some 100 Grain on sale at a good price. I also see 90 Grain JHP so just a bit confused, do I care or can I try these with no concerns (granted some ammo may or may not feed as good as others, etc..).


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    I would try them and see how they run in your gun. Some brands have a slightly longer overall length and don't feed well. But you don't know until you try them. Typically I think the grain listed in the manual is what the gun was basically sighted in for from the factory. As an example, my OSS 9mm has a 124 grain recommendation in the manual. I usually shoot 115grain in it and it shoots to point of aim pretty well.

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    I think that is just the standard loading for the round. You could go up to 100gr or down to 80? In the lightweight/exotic stuff. As long as you stay away from the "+P" stuff and the overall length/profile feeds in your particular weapon it should be okay with most any .380 ammo.

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    the factory listed is what the gun theoretically should work on.
    380 ammo generally runs from about 85 grains to 100 grains, there are weights down to 60 grians and up to 115 grains.
    each weapon and each ammo is different so function testing on your carry ammo is very important, mostly cause there are no time outs in a gunfight.
    as for shooting point of aim, well really the 738 ain't got much to sight with so i doubt if you will notice much difference inside 10-12 yards.
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