Leather Cross Draw for 709
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    Leather Cross Draw for 709

    Greetings. I scanned the 32 page volume thread on 709 holsters, but did not find (or I missed) a definitive answer to my inquiry. Does anyone have, or have knowledge of, a leather cross draw for a 709 (dedicated), or darned close to being dedicated.
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    DeSantis makes an IWB holster for the PT709.
    It is the Soft-Tuck and the cant can be adjusted for strong side or crossdraw carry.
    I find mine to be very comfortable.
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    I hope the Sof-Tuck is better in the larger size for the Slim. I have one for my TCP (a good one size fit for the LCP, P3AT and TCP) but I find that it's more of a semi-rigid sock for the pistol. The holster mouth doesn't stay open enough when worn IWB and there is no steel in the mouth flap that can be bent to hold the pistol more securely inside the holster (I had my pistol fall out on the concrete once already!). On mine, the advertised "cross-draw" cant isn't- it adjusts to verticle and nothing more but forward cant is fine for strong side wear. I also feel that the plastic they use for the adjustable can't should have been steel like they used on the belt clip as the plastic adds about 3/16" to the width of the holster in the belt. That's quite a bit when you consider how slim the pistol is to begin with. Why they couldn't have made the whole piece out of steel I'll never understand. I find the Sof-Tuck works better clipped into a front jeans pocket than inside the waistband (for me at least, YMMV). Overall these faults look to be common to the design and not really the TCP size holster. I think it's a mediocre holster but not a great one. If I hadn't found it carries well clipped inside my front pocket it would have been relegated to the infamous holster drawer.
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