PT 24/7 .45 - Guide Rod Laser
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    PT 24/7 .45 - Guide Rod Laser

    So I have had my Taurus for a few years, like the gun with two exceptions, maybe someone here has done more research than I have and has found something to help?

    1- I have been wanting a guide rod laser for the event my wife needs to use the weapon when I am out of town. but have had little luck finding anything that is "compatible" I know many of the Beretta parts are interchangable with Taurus, but having a hard time finding what the comparible model for the guide rod would be.

    2- the trigger, I have put more than a 1000 rounds through the gun, the trigger still seems dauntingly long. Has anyone had success having a trigger job done.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: PT 24/7 .45 - Guide Rod Laser

    Wow this post mas made 16 years before I was born!!

    Anyway I've been looking for the exact same thing.. wish Taurus Miami had a Custom Shop like some if it's competitors!

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    Most of the interchangeable parts would refer to the PT92 Beretta copies but the guide rod lasers are notoriously unreliable. Take a look at lasers that will mount on the rail. I use an inexpensive UTAC on my home defense weapon that has both a laser and a high lumen LED light.
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