"New" 24/7G2C at the range.
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Thread: "New" 24/7G2C at the range.

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    "New" 24/7G2C at the range.

    Had my slightly used G2 45 compact at the range today. Put a 100 rounds through it. 50 store bought and 50 reloads. Shooting it reminded me of my PT145. I had a tendency to shoot low with the 10 round mag, but was on target with the 12 round mag. The 12 round mag was a full size grip, and the 10 round mag a less than secure grip. I had to get a grip sleeve with my 45 milpro, so I'll probably wind up doing the same for the G2C. I had some feeding issues with the reloads, but had anticipated that. The OAL of my 200 gr conical reloads was slightly less than the 230 gr ball, range ammo I bought, and I was trying them just to see if they would work. I believe the 1911 I was loading them for is less picky about what it eats than the 24/7 would be. After trying both sized mags, I stuck with the 10 round mag, just because it was the harder of the two to use (grip), and I needed to get a feel for it before I use the pistol for EDC. As I said, I think adding a grip sleeve will help me get a consistant grip and improve my shooting. Overall I like it a lot, but will need to put a couple of hundred more rounds through it to break it in to my liking. I'll also need to dig through my reloading info to get some of my old recipes that I used in my PT145, to try them in the G2.

    Thanks Bart.
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    Glad it works for you.
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    Glad you liked it, I did a comparison with the 24/7 G2 and my PT-145, while I like the PT-145 a little bit better the 24/7 G2 in .45acp will make a fine replacement for the PT-145. Plus I am pretty sure the PT-145 Magazines can easily be made work in the 24/7 G2 .45acp.
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    I got a Limb-Saver grip sleeve from Amazon.
    Actually I got 2: 1 for my 24/7 45ACP and the other for my 24/7 40 S&W.
    The Limb Savers have heavy padding along the back strap.
    I have 3 24/7's all are Gen 1.



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