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Thread: Brand New PT 24/7 G2 COMPACT "possible problems"

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    Quote Originally Posted by KCOMFORT001 View Post
    I can be man enough to admit I may be limp wristing any suggestions to fix? Frankly the handgun scares the shit out of me... Its just new to me heart pounding with every pull of the trigger.

    I guess I just thought It should work regardless...

    What about the last round not feeding into the magazine?
    Do you know anybody with firearms experience? I think a trip to the range with a good mentor is in order. Someone to show you the basics and watch your form as you shoot.
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    Clean and lubricate the gun.
    Go shooting with someone who is experienced...if you have to pay someone for a training session do it.
    Re-evaluate your choice of weapon and consider getting a revolver till you are proficient enough in shooting to move on to a pistol.
    Would be a good idea if your mentor brought a couple of revolvers for you to try.
    Make sure you have eye and hearing protection.

    You should not be scared of your gun but you must respect it. To some extent being cautious is a good thing. As you develop as a shooter your confidence will grow. Good luck and safe shooting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MOONDAWG View Post
    The first highlighted statment leads me to ask are you using "hearing protection"? Not only is this not safe for your ears, it causes "flinching" which is detrimental to good shooting.

    "Limp Wristing" will also cause the last round in the magazine "not to feed" because you're weak grip is not providing enough resistance for the slide to fully retract so it can pick up the last round.

    Yes hearing protection was one of the first things I bought, just the generic foam cheapies, I figured it was better than nothing, pistol is still pretty loud though, I do have experience with shooting rifles during my time in the military, so I was aware Id need that, I dont' have the same fear of rifles as I do pistols though, so its going to take some getting used to. So I do have some good habits from that, keeping weapon downrange at all times, and on safe.

    I just need time to get comfortable with it. I will also look to see if I can find someone to go shooting with me.
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    A lot of good info here, but I think there are two issues here and they may be intertwined. There is a fear of the weapon and there are malfunctions. The OP has not mentioned cleaning the gun first, so I think he should let us know if it was cleaned before the range trip. Having someone to shoot with is a great idea and on the ear protection, if you have some of the ear plugs that any drug store sells, use them too along with the ear muffs. I have a feeling after a good and through cleaning, and some more time getting used to the gun and developing a good shooting form, all problems will disappear.

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    Agreed to all of the above. First thing.. Clean the gun.. All Tauruses come in a plastic bag full of oily greasy stuff.. to protect it due to the fact it comes from Brazil.
    As for the cycling.. Hold the firearm firmly, no limp-wristing. I had the same issue when I got my first gun, a Hi-point.. Thought it was the gun, turns out, I just wasn't holding it right...


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